All the Buzz Business Writing

Award-Winning Business Writing & Editing

woman-writing-all-the-buzzSince 1996, All the Buzz  has been providing expert, award-winning writing for businesses, corporations, advertising agencies, professionals and sole practitioners. A highly-sought-after agency that has produced thousands of pieces, we’re located in Northern Virginia, and serve clients throughout the United States.

To aid in our ability to serve many types of clients, we’ve staffed our team with talented and experienced business writers who have worked in multitudes of industries. We’re not industry-specific, nor do we need to be. With our proven method of gathering information through research and interviews we can ramp up to speed quickly on any industry segment.

We do, however, have concentrated experience in the industries of Real Estate, Homebuilding, Manufacturing, Legal, Hospitality, Tourism, and Technology. We even write for celebrities.

You can say we’ve pretty much seen it all in terms of the types of writing we’ve done (see Types of Work) throughout the years. Yet, each client brings us new challenges and opportunities to learn more. We like that part of our job.

Clio Award

Clio Award

Some of the writing we’re most often asked to do includes:

  • Website copy and content development
  • Business blog & newsletter writing
  • Brochures and sales & marketing collateral
  • Direct mail
  • White papers
  • Executive and legal bios
  • Scripts and commercials

Professional Editing

woman-typing-all-the-buzzSome companies create their own copy and just need a professional editor to take a look at it and make revisions where needed.

Most often, we provide expert editing services for company professionals who:

  • Wrote their own web or brochure copy and want to ensure their language, spelling, grammar and message are correct and on target. Many times “insiders” overlook some of the obvious items that need to be in their copy for “outsiders” to understand and respond to it.
  • Are self-acclaimed “non-writers”
  • Need a second look at what they’re delivering
  • Already made an investment in another writer and aren’t pleased with their work
  • Have foreign-born owners or managers whose first language isn’t English
  • Have written a book and need a professional editor

All the Buzz Creative Agency Provides Turnkey Jobs

We find that many business owners want a turnkey job, so we brought on various web and graphic designers to provide the complete creative process, from concept and writing, to website creation, design and print, if the client desires to have their entire job completed here. We also work with just the writing portions of print and online materials for those who have their own creative resources.

For professional writing, public relations and marketing fulfillment, you work with our team of qualified and creative individuals to create the written materials, publicity and marketing vehicles you need to create Buzz for your business. Contact All the Buzz for a project quote.

How We Work

As professional business writers, All the Buzz has honed our process. Here’s how we work:

Working Together

  • We have no ego involved in the project. Our goal is to make sure you are pleased with the final result.
  • We provide clean, professionally-presented copy you can drop into your design.
  • We will need some information from you, it is a collaborative effort.
  • We require a signed contract and a deposit (outlined in contract) before we begin work.
  • We require an intake interview with new clients when beginning a writing project.


  • Projects are generally charged at a per-project fee. Retainer hours can also be purchased for ongoing or multiple projects. We include up to two rounds of minor revisions for all our writing work. Additional revisions or major rewrites incur an additional charge.
  • Rush services are available at an additional fee of 25% of the project total for jobs requiring a 48-hour or less turnaround.
  • A kill fee (outlined in contract) is instituted if the job is cancelled at any time prior to completion once writing has begun.
  • If the project is cancelled after copywriting is completed, the entire fee is due.
  • If the client has not responded in 30 days after copy has been delivered, the client will be invoiced for the total amount.

When you need expert professional business writing, contact All the Buzz.


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