people-at-workshop-all-the-buzzWorking one on one or in groups, All the Buzz teaches business owners and sales teams how to hone their presentation skills, work with the media to get the best coverage possible, and perform many marketing tasks themselves. Contact us today to put together a training session for your business.

Popular All the Buzz workshops:

Blogging and Social Media

“I know I’m supposed to be writing and doing social media, but I don’t know what to write about.” Thank goodness there’s a solution. Linda Barrett is author of 151 Ways to Blog, Post and Tweet About Your Business (coming soon). Let All the Buzz help you either develop a topic list that will create ongoing ideas, or write your blog and social media posts for you.

Media Training

There are tricks of the trade when dealing with the media. Learn what and what not to do and say  to the media in this workshop, and hone your “in front of the camera” skills through mock presentations, press conferences, and emergency situations. Even how you stand, what you wear, and the expression on your face can be positive or negative influences when dealing with the media.

How to Get Your Name in the News

In this workshop, you’ll learn how to craft a press release that will get picked up by the media. You’ll create a press release template that can be used over and over again to market your business in this FREE method of generating buzz. You’ll also create a personalized listing of potential press release topics you can use throughout the year, and learn how and where to submit your press release to the media. Instead of paying big bucks to agencies to do this for you, you’ll learn quickly and easily how to use this highly effective tool yourself.

How to Land a Feature Story

In both B2B and B2C businesses, a third-party endorsement can make a world of difference to your company’s credibility, likeability, and consumer trust. In this workshop, business owners learn how to develop story ideas the media will love. You’ll learn how to create a topic, craft a media pitch, deliver it, and follow through. You’ll also learn tips on how to work with the media to your best advantage, and how to use the publicity you get to enhance your overall sales and marketing. Creating this partnership will enhance your business exponentially.

Unlocking the Potential of Social Media

Confused about social media? Here’s your opportunity to learn the differences between the various social media options, which ones are best for your business, how to use them to your best advantage, and how to avoid the biggest mistakes with social media that can actually cost you business. You will leave with a social media plan you can put into action immediately.

How to Easily Create Great Content

It’s true, content IS king. In today’s marketplace, the first place people look for information about your products and services is on the Internet. Business owners know this, but struggle with what to write about. In this workshop, you’ll learn why it’s so important to keep your website content current, and how to do so. In addition, you’ll learn how to easily find, create, and develop copy for your website, blog, and social media marketing designed to attract, convert, and keep customers for life. You will leave with a simple formula for generating endless content and dozens of ideas that you can start implementing now.

Is Your Sales Presentation Killing Your Sale? (one-on-one sales training)

As Director of Marketing, Linda Barrett continually met with salespeople. What she noticed is that the majority of them had TERRIBLE sales presentations. It wasn’t necessarily their collateral that was faulty, it was their own skills in interacting with or making a connection with the potential client, their inability to clearly state the benefits of their product or service, and their lack of skill in moving to the close. Barrett holds these mock-presentation workshops on a one-on-one basis with salespeople to tweak what they are doing so that they will close the sale time after time.

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