Inc. Magazine’s Best Industries 2013

Specialty Cruises are hot

Specialty Cruises are hot

Looking for the next big trend? Inc. Magazine just released its 2013 list of “Best Industries” and found these 8 best launching pads for business in 2013.

  1. Wearable Computing: Replacing your smartphone with computerized contact lenses, 3-D glasses, watches, and other personal devices.
  2. Artisanal Alcohol and Boutique Beer: Craft brewers and small-scale liquor producers are thriving, with approximately 30% increases in 2012.
  3. Cruise Specialists: There’s a growing demand for off-the-beaten-patch travel adventures that has led to this new breed of cruising with specialized knowledge and high-touch services, like culinary and wine cruises or foreign language cruises.
  4. Online Education: Low-cost or free education and skills training via the Internet.
  5. Consumer Health Technology: Consumer-driven healthcare including fitness apps and glucose monitors, for example.
  6. Specialized Online Retail: Niche items like personalized greeting cards, made-to-order eyeglasses, or vintage furniture.
  7. 3-D Printing: the biggest growth is in aerospace engineering and medical devices, but will movei nto 3-D printed toys and jewelry.
  8. Virtual Data Rooms: Lets you store and access lots of documents in the cloud.

What do you think is the next new business trend? And how can you either incorporate or market to these burgeoning industries?

Read the entire Inc. article here.

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