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Up Your Company’s Professionalism with an Online Media Kit

create-online-media-kitThere is nothing more exciting–or better for your business–than media coverage. Landing a feature story in print, or being quoted as an expert source in an online article can exponentially boost your footprint in your market and set you apart from your competitors.

As a member of the media, I am always looking for good stories to write about. But most companies forget this side of marketing. Or they don’t know how to achieve it. Especially if they are a smaller company.

So far this year I’ve published more than 20 feature stories about local businesses and business people that appeared in newspapers and high-end glossy magazines. Not only did these people receive a beautiful story, they were able to use their media appearance in their marketing and social media programs to garner even more coverage and credibility. Some printed out copies of their articles and used it as a giveaway at appearances and trade shows. Others framed their article and mounted it prominently in their place of business. A few made podcasts or videos of their radio or TV appearance and posted it on their own media channels. Even more referred to their third-party coverage in sales presentations to help close the deal.

Best of all, feature stories generally don’t cost the company anything. Media coverage is free!

Benefits of Media Coverage

  • It’s free
  • It increases awareness of your products, services and mission
  • It establishes you as an expert
  • It builds credibility with a third-party endorsement
  • It engages your audience; people read stories but skim over ads
  • It demonstrates your product or service, and often its outcome of use

Why Do I Need an Online Media Kit?

Very few, if any, of the smaller businesses I profile have prepared an online media kit (also called a press kit or digital media kit) in advance. This means the business owners are scrambling at the last minute to locate pictures, take head shots, gather past media coverage, and create a backgrounder. And with the media often needing last-minute responses, this may keep you out of the running for a feature story. We may have to go with the best and quickest source to meet a publishing deadline. It’s best to be prepared.

Journalists often don’t want or accept attachments either. They prefer one link to your online media kit where they can find the background information and facts they need for their article all in one place.

Preparing an Online Media Kit for your Business

Much like your website, there are certain elements that make a media kit a success. They include:

  • Company Profile
    Create your “about” page to define your company background. Ensure that your profile includes facts, figures and dates. Tell the media what your company does and why it is important. Offer your mission and vision, if applicable.
  • Biographies
    Create a bio for each of the key players in your organization and post professional color headshots that the media can use in its story.
  • News Coverage
    List any previous media coverage, along with links to the article or interview. Post links to relevant press releases.
  • Potential Story Angles
    Offer the media a short list of story ideas and angles that would make an interesting article. Think beyond self-serving to how your expertise changes lives. Offer key questions. Tie in to current or seasonal events, or current problems that your product or service can solve.
  • Product Photography
    Offer a set of photographs showing your product or service in action. Include people in your shots, if possible. Create short videos demonstrating your product or service and include links to them.
  • Brochure Links
    Create a short list of your main products or services. Post a list of your available brochures with links to their PDF copies.
  • Contact Information
    List all of the important media contacts and outline their title and role. Include all contact information including office and mobile telephone numbers and email addresses, and location if different from your headquarters. List all contact information for your company including the physical and web addresses.

Let All the Buzz Write Your Online Media Kit

Hiring a professional writer–one who is also a member of the media–is the best way to ensure that your online media kit contains the information the media wants and needs. If you need assistance creating your online media kit, please contact us. (We’re also looking for good stories!)



Washington Post Reports Writing Skills Rising on the List of Job Requirements But Failing in Candidates

Washington_Post_logoThe Washington Post published an article on Sunday, August 13, 2017 titled “Writing skills are rising on the list of job requirements–and falling in candidates,” by Jeffrey K. Selingo.

Selingo continues to reports hearing an interviewer from government contracting firm, looking to hire proposal writers for federal agencies, complain about “how difficult it is to find good writers these days.” Continue reading →

The Difference Between a White Paper and an E-Book

Many business owners are told that they need to create a downloadable document that can help them explain their business, support their findings, provide education, set themselves apart as an expert in their field, or used as a free giveaway to help build a list. This can be a white paper or an e-book.

In speaking with business owners, I find that they are often confused about the differences between a white paper or an e-book and which is the appropriate item to create and offer. Continue reading →

One Space or Two Between Sentences?

keyboard-typingWay back when I was in school, we were taught to put two spaces behind a period before beginning a new sentence. Writing for the web, however, is different. You only use one space between sentences.

When we used to use typewriters, in order for the copy to be read clearly, it needed two spaces to set it apart. There was only only font, after all, and it was not as easy to read as our modern proportional fonts found on computers. Continue reading →

All the Buzz Writes Brochure Set for Legal Firm | All the Buzz | Business Writing

Bancroft-McGavin-Horvath-&-Judkins-law-firmThe legal firm Bancroft McGavin Horvath & Judkins, PC had made changes: altering the name, adding associates, and fine-tuning their areas of focus. But their current marketing materials did not reflect those changes.

After meetings with the client, our creative team determined that two brochures were needed, as the trial lawyers were approaching two different market segments. The first was referral sources…those organizations that regularly provide clients for the firm.  The second, the clients themselves, who needed to know a little about the firm that would be representing them.

What our creative team designed, with All the Buzz as the copywriting firm, was a new set of brochures for Bancroft McGavin Horvath & Judkins. The large brochure was designed to lure and assure new partners with a well-laid-out, multi-page brochure outlining the firm and its services. A smaller tri-fold brochure was designed to not only provide the basic information about the firm, but to help remove the fear of working with a legal firm.

See our final products:

Bancroft Law Brochure

Bancroft Law Client Brochure

Before and After: Security Alliance | All the Buzz

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.  How about your brochure?

Brochure “Before”


Brochure “before”

The Security Alliance Command Center had been using the same brochure since the business began, and it showed. They came to All the Buzz because they wanted to increase sales and have a better overall image for their company.


Brochure “before”

We took a look at their old brochure and noted that it was printed on ecru-colored paper that automatically made it look old. It had their old logo, and didn’t contain customer-centric copy or a call to action.

It looked outdated, and for a security company that had to be state of the art, it would not do. Continue reading →

Monarch Title Home Buyers Guide Video | All the Buzz


All the Buzz creates Monarch Title Home Buyers Guide Video

Monarch Title was looking for a way to differentiate itself, while demonstrating its knowledge and ease of communication.They wanted to position themselves as a helpful resource.

One tactic was the development of a Home Buyers Guide video that takes the home buyer step by step through the process of buying a home. These are distributed by Monarch Title and given to Realtors to help their own clients understand the processes of buying a home.

All the Buzz Creates Home Buyers Guide Script

All the Buzz broke the process down into fourteen steps, and created a script that outlined the steps, processes, resources and pitfalls that any homebuyer would need to know. The video also outlines the roles each person involved in the transaction plays, and the order in which the homebuyer will need to engage them.

Buying a home is not an easy process, but with the Monarch Title Home Buyers Guide, it can be made a little bit simpler.

Simple One-Sheet Brochure Elevates Ernie Rogers to the Benefit Auctioneer of Choice | All the Buzz Business Collateral

Ernie Rogers is the Benefits Auctioneer of Choice

Mainly-real estate auctioneer Ernie Rogers wanted to branch out and offer his auctioneering services to other businesses and organizations. “I want to make extra money on the side to fund my kids’ college accounts,” he said.

He had been marketing to non-profits and organizers of charity benefits, with minimal success. Continue reading →