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Miss-Fortune for This Restaurant

missed-fortuneSometimes even the smallest amount of writing can have a big impact on your business. Take this fortune for example. I brought home several fortune cookies from a restaurant not too long ago, and just recently opened the cookie to enjoy it. Inside I found this fortune that’s shown in the picture.

At first, I thought “Wow!  A free dessert!”  Didn’t you? Then I realized what a big mistake this restaurant made. Do you see it? Continue reading → TV Spot Introduces a New Service to Northern Virginia | All the Buzz Video

All the Buzz was included in the creation of this TV commercial for a new service called  We created the script and concepts to show a frenzied mother who’s trying to handle it all…the career, the family, and the household, and how took the stress out of Continue reading →

Hillsborough Winery Advertises Bridal Show + Free Wine Tasting Coupon | All the Buzz Ad

Hillsborough Winery in Spring…perfect for a wedding!

Hillsborough Winery, located in Purcellville, Virginia, is planning a Bridal Show at its winery on October 7, 2012. Here is the ad All the Buzz created with Viva Tysons Magazineto promote the winery, its breathtaking setting, and its upcoming Bridal Show.  Believe it or not, Continue reading →