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Do You Have a Good Story? Share it With the Media.

public-relations-All-the-BuzzAs a journalist, I hear fabulous stories from people every single day. Whether they are my clients or people I meet in the grocery store, I realize that everybody has a story and I am all ears to hear it.

So many business people either miss or disregard the opportunity to share their unique story with the world. And hence, they miss the many public relations opportunities the media can provide.

Why You Should Get Your Story in the Media

It Gets People Talking

If a journalist finds your story interesting, and a publisher thinks it is interesting enough to write about, then thousands of other people will too. I published a feature story about “What really goes on during spring break,” and was standing behind two moms in the grocery line one day when I overheard them talking about what they learned from the story. “I’m not sure I’ll let my daughter go without a chaperone now,” I heard one say. Think of all the people you can impact from your own story!

It Establishes You as the Expert

Nothing establishes you better as an expert in your field than a third-party endorsement. You can talk all day about how wonderful, talented and educated you are, but that’s just you talking. However, when a credible outside source — like the media — cites you as the expert or tells your story, suddenly you are elevated in the reader’s or viewer’s eyes.

You Can Get Fantastic Marketing Mileage From It

An often-missed opportunity is the ability to use your media appearance in your marketing. Business people should take every opportunity to share their print, online or video story with the world. Post about it on your social media channels and include a link. Put it on your website media page with a link (you do have one, don’t you?). Place it in your email or print newsletter. Get reprints and include them in your invoice mailings and as handouts. Frame your article and hang it prominently in a public place at work. Blow it up and use it as a visual at trade shows and meetings. Refer to it in your email signature. Cite your media appearance when doing interviews.

You Can Build On It

It is easy to build additional features from your first media appearance. Get a local article published and it instantly gives you credibility you can take to other — and larger — media. If one media outlet thinks you are credible enough to write about, others will too and it will be easier to sell each subsequent placement. Use “As Seen In” in your marketing and on your website to build credibility with your visitors and readers. Check out Scott Steinburg’s website for a good example. Know that any media you pitch will automatically go to your website to review your credentials.

Warning: It Has to Be Timely

If there is one caveat, it is that the story must be timely. It cannot be old news or the media will not be interested. And keep in mind that to publish a story in a print outlet, you need up to six months lead time. If you have a unique event coming up, or have just accomplished something important, you must jump on the opportunity to sell your story immediately. Look also for ways to tie in with current news stories or hot trends. The media is always looking for people to interview or for relevant experiences that can illustrate their stories.

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Let All the Buzz Tell Your Story

As a public relations firm, All the Buzz helps business owners get their stories into the media. We’ve helped to line up television appearances, and countless feature stories in magazines and newspapers, and even set up a fan club with fan public appearances and on-site media interviews for a well-known athlete a few years ago.

If you think you have a story that can impact the world — or just your potential clients — contact All the Buzz. We’ll review your story with you, help you formulate the angle that sells, and assist in placing your story in the media.

We also provide media training for those who might feel uncomfortable prior to a media interview or appearance, and can assist in creating videos that can be shared online. Contact All the Buzz today.


Up Your Company’s Professionalism with an Online Media Kit

create-online-media-kitThere is nothing more exciting–or better for your business–than media coverage. Landing a feature story in print, or being quoted as an expert source in an online article can exponentially boost your footprint in your market and set you apart from your competitors.

As a member of the media, I am always looking for good stories to write about. But most companies forget this side of marketing. Or they don’t know how to achieve it. Especially if they are a smaller company.

So far this year I’ve published more than 20 feature stories about local businesses and business people that appeared in newspapers and high-end glossy magazines. Not only did these people receive a beautiful story, they were able to use their media appearance in their marketing and social media programs to garner even more coverage and credibility. Some printed out copies of their articles and used it as a giveaway at appearances and trade shows. Others framed their article and mounted it prominently in their place of business. A few made podcasts or videos of their radio or TV appearance and posted it on their own media channels. Even more referred to their third-party coverage in sales presentations to help close the deal.

Best of all, feature stories generally don’t cost the company anything. Media coverage is free!

Benefits of Media Coverage

  • It’s free
  • It increases awareness of your products, services and mission
  • It establishes you as an expert
  • It builds credibility with a third-party endorsement
  • It engages your audience; people read stories but skim over ads
  • It demonstrates your product or service, and often its outcome of use

Why Do I Need an Online Media Kit?

Very few, if any, of the smaller businesses I profile have prepared an online media kit (also called a press kit or digital media kit) in advance. This means the business owners are scrambling at the last minute to locate pictures, take head shots, gather past media coverage, and create a backgrounder. And with the media often needing last-minute responses, this may keep you out of the running for a feature story. We may have to go with the best and quickest source to meet a publishing deadline. It’s best to be prepared. Continue reading →

Working with the Media: How to Get a Story in Front of Editors | All the Buzz | PR Tips

what's-your-story image-all-the-buzz-pr

Bring your story to the media

Working with clients, in many varied industries as we at All the Buzz do, it’s interesting how we come across the same questions over and over again.  One I’ve heard most often is, “How do I work with the media? I have a story I think needs to be told.”

I must admit, even I had a fear of the media when I was an executive. Since I’ve been (and still am) a member of the media for over 30 years now, I want you to know that we’re just people. And anything you can do to make our jobs easier is always welcome.
Here’s how you can help us: Continue reading →