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Professional Writer/Editor Linda Barrett

Creating a career as a writer tied together the skills founder Linda Barrett honed throughout her career. For most of her career, she moved up the ranks in marketing positions, as Director of Marketing for local, national and then international companies. Prior to that, she was a top manufacturing salesperson and a media representative. What’s unique about Linda is that she has seen the business world from four sides: the business owner, the large corporation, the sales side and the media perspective, and she knows how to break down the barriers individual to each with expert, proven copywriting.

The common thread was that she always created the written materials for each of these companies, which stimulated her to niche into being a professional copywriter and editor, opening All the Buzz in 1996. Since then, she has created hundreds of campaigns, published thousands of articles, won dozens of awards including a Clio Award, and assisted numerous businesses with all their writing needs. Most clients return again and again as writing needs arise.

How Can You Write About My Business?

People sometimes ask, “How can you write about my business when you don’t work in it?” The answer is, “I don’t have to know your industry. My expertise is in how to interview, research and write about it in a way that persuades customers and stimulates interest and action.” After working with hundreds of different industries, we’ve learned there are similarities in the challenges every business faces, and methods for communicating that work well for each.

At All the Buzz, we are strong advocates of ongoing learning and take the time to study the required styles and methods of writing for various media, audiences and search engine optimization. The same style does not work for all. Linda earned her Bachelor’s Degree from James Madison University and continues to take courses to further her knowledge and career.

A Team of Creative Professionals

All the Buzz retains a team of creative professionals to assist with writing, design, website development and search engine optimization in order to provide a full-service, turnkey experience for clients. We can also offer various levels of writing experience, at price points suitable for all size businesses.

Do you have a writing project? Contact info@allthebuzz.net to get started.

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