Win a Sale with the Triangulation Technique

Triangulation I came across a wonderful technique from Ed Gandia (copywriter, author, speaker and coach) that helps answer the dilemma of not having specific samples to show a client.

Here’s the scenario: your prospective client is a dentist, for example, and while you’re pitching your service, the prospect asks if you have any experience working with businesses like his.

You don’t.

You could just say “no” and walk away. Instead, Gandia offers this alternative: the triangulation technique.

The Triangulation Technique

The steps of the Triangulation Technique are as follows, in this order:

  1. The client wants a project done and asks if you have specific experience in their field. You don’t.
  2. You tell the client what you DO have and have done, and offer examples.
  3. You justify why you will do a great job and ask for the sale.

1. Tell Them What You DO Have

Instead, of “no,”  you answer, “I don’t have that specific experience…but here’s what I DO have that will enable me to do a good job.” Proceed to show specific examples that would relate to this type of job–even if it was in a different field.

2. Justify Why You’re the Right Choice

Demonstrate how your background and knowledge enables you to do a better job than perhaps someone who didn’t have that skill and knowledge set. Show examples of work similar to what they need. Exhibit expertise in the form of education, training, awards, jobs and happy client testimonials.

3. Ask for the Sale

Close by saying someting like, “I just need the opportunity and I promise that you’ll be very happy with the result.” Ask for the sale with an open-ended question like, “When can we get started?”

If the prospect still balks at hiring you, offer a partial project to “try you out,” or assure the client that they will be able to review your work at various stages. Ask how you CAN help them solve their problem, which they obviously have, because they came to you for help.

It’s really all about the confidence the prospect has that you will get the job done. By proving that you can handle the work through the Triangulation Technique, you can win the sale.


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