Jenny Le, President, WebSubstance Web Design &Photography

“Linda Barrett is a creative writer with lots of ideas, and she is generous about sharing them. She listens to our clients and understands what they need for their website and blog copy. In fact, her writing has caused increases in web traffic by 33%. In turn, she provides professional work that keeps the audience engaged, and delivers it on time in a professional, clean format. I would highly recommend Linda and All the Buzz for any writing job.”

Rachel Bailey, M.A., CPDPE, owner, Rachel Bailey, Parenting by Heart

“I am so grateful to be able to work with Linda. Not only has she proposed realistic ideas that have helped me to grow my business, she also helped me to identify ideas that I never realized were inside of me! She has tackled all of the problems I’ve thrown at her with patience, understanding…and solutions. I would not be where I am today without her insight and support.”

Russell Lawson, Director of Communications, St. James’ Episcopal Church–

“Linda is, hands down, one of the most persistently creative sales and marketing writers I have ever worked with. Fearlessly inventive, she is quick to find the benefits for a product or service and articulate them in convincing language. Add to that the fact that she is able to use her communications talents adeptly in so many markets: service professionals, business products, retailers, travel publications. I’d work with her again anytime!”

Debbie Bowie, Owner, Rock Paper Scissors–

“I am a competent writer. I thought I should be able to whip out a press release to announce my new business, Simply Organized. After avoiding the task for several months, I finally hired Linda Barrett of All the Buzz, a marketing consultant, to draft the press release. Not only did the press release get done, but Linda urged me to write my first booklet, “Simply Organized: The Art of Conquering Clutter,” to offer as a free gift to anyone who contacted me to inquire about my business. That booklet was my first product and has been a money-making product for me ever since. I paid the consultant for the press release, but I got so much more.
When I took that important first step to get help I learned several important things:
1. I can save a lot of time and money if I work in my area of strength and pay others to do tasks that are not in my area of strength.
2. I can get important tasks done that move my business forward faster when I outsource tasks that I cannot do, cannot do well, or have no desire of doing at all.
3. I usually end up with a result that is exponentially better than I could ever do myself.
4. In the process of getting help, I develop relationships with some incredible people.”

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