Potomac Swim School Readies to Set New Guinness World Record | PR | All the Buzz

Potomac Swim logo, 5-13For the first time, Potomac Swim School will be participating in the attempt to break the Guinness World Record(tm) for the World’s Largest Swimming Lesson(tm), and didn’t know how to let the world (at least their local world) know about both the event and it’s purpose: to raise awareness for the Importance of Swim Safety. The event is scheduled for June 18, 2013.

In conversations with Potomac Swim School owner, Donna Boone, it was determined that the best plan of attack was to approach the media at set intervals leading up to the event.  The first press release was a pre-prepared release issued by the Guinness organization for its participant locations to use.  The second press release was a more individualized news release on the specific preparations Potomac Swim School was making.  And the third release was an invitation to the media to come to and cover the event.  We made available interviews and photography opportunities with the swimmers, parents, and staff during and following the event.

See the latest press release for Potomac Swim School.

If your organization has an event coming up and needs to let the media…and the world…know about it, please contact All the Buzz. We’d love to help.

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