9 Steps to More Concise Business Writing | All the Buzz | Business Writing

editor-at-workWe at All the Buzz spend a lot of time editing. We edit our own writing, and we edit writing for others.

In today’s working world, people want shorter, more concise information, so here’s a great article we came across on how to edit your own business writing and get to the point.

9 Steps to More Concise Business Writing

In today’s world of ultratasking and information overload, being concise is more important than ever. Whether reading a short email or 500-page business proposal, your audience typically doesn’t have the time or desire to search for information.

They don’t want to read six lines for what could have been said in six words, and they don’t want to decipher meaning. They want to get in, get information and get out. If they can’t, your message is lost.

So I’m taking a cue from one of my favorite TV shows, the Food Network’s “Chopped” (warning: the show is addictive), and listing the top words or phrases you should chop from your business writing. On to the list!



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