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All the Buzz Writes Brochure Set for Legal Firm | All the Buzz | Business Writing

Bancroft-McGavin-Horvath-&-Judkins-law-firmThe legal firm Bancroft McGavin Horvath & Judkins, PC had made changes: altering the name, adding associates, and fine-tuning their areas of focus. But their current marketing materials did not reflect those changes.

After meetings with the client, our creative team determined that two brochures were needed, as the trial lawyers were approaching two different market segments. The first was referral sources…those organizations that regularly provide clients for the firm.  The second, the clients themselves, who needed to know a little about the firm that would be representing them.

What our creative team designed, with All the Buzz as the copywriting firm, was a new set of brochures for Bancroft McGavin Horvath & Judkins. The large brochure was designed to lure and assure new partners with a well-laid-out, multi-page brochure outlining the firm and its services. A smaller tri-fold brochure was designed to not only provide the basic information about the firm, but to help remove the fear of working with a legal firm.

See our final products:

Bancroft Law Brochure

Bancroft Law Client Brochure