Simple One-Sheet Brochure Elevates Ernie Rogers to the Benefit Auctioneer of Choice | All the Buzz Business Collateral

Ernie Rogers is the Benefits Auctioneer of Choice

Mainly-real estate auctioneer Ernie Rogers wanted to branch out and offer his auctioneering services to other businesses and organizations. “I want to make extra money on the side to fund my kids’ college accounts,” he said.

He had been marketing to non-profits and organizers of charity benefits, with minimal success.

Promotional One-Sheet Brochure for Benefit Auctions Accelerates Bookings

After consulting with All the Buzz, it was determined that Ernie was a good-looking guy and ought to put his picture on a flyer to actually show the event planner just what they were getting. The visual did the trick.  He didn’t look like the stereotypical auctioneer and could represent and entertain the charitable audience quite well He had his photograph taken in the tuxedo he wears to hold event auctions and holds his gavel in “closed” position. The photograph is active and compelling, and you can’t resist his charming smile.

All the Buzz designed this one-sheet for Ernie outlining the benefits of hiring him: He was fun, he was entertaining, and he had proven he could raise money. All things desired by the organizers of benefit auctions. He took it to the next level and founded Blacktie Benefit Auctions.

Ernie began mailing out this one-sheet to area non-profit organizations, charities, fund-raising coordinators, associations and more, and quickly was booked solid. He is now the Number One choice for charity auctioneers and dominates his market.

You too can hire Ernie Rogers for your Benefit Auction

Here’s our shameless plug for Ernie’s exceptional auctioneering style.

If you’re holding a benefit auction in the Richmond, Virginia area, contact Ernie Rogers at 804-327-9090, or

You too can hire All the Buzz

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