Before and After: Security Alliance | All the Buzz

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.  How about your brochure?

Brochure “Before”


Brochure “before”

The Security Alliance Command Center had been using the same brochure since the business began, and it showed. They came to All the Buzz because they wanted to increase sales and have a better overall image for their company.


Brochure “before”

We took a look at their old brochure and noted that it was printed on ecru-colored paper that automatically made it look old. It had their old logo, and didn’t contain customer-centric copy or a call to action.

It looked outdated, and for a security company that had to be state of the art, it would not do.

Brochure “After”


“After” interior


“Before” to “After”

All the Buzz completely redid the Security Alliance Command Center brochure, using modern photographs, benefits-oriented text, and a solid call to action. Visually it popped, with a brilliant white background and colorful accents on a glossy stock. The client was thrilled and no longer embarrassed about including this piece in their marketing portfolio.

At All the Buzz, we see a lot of “befores” and delight in turning them into brilliant “afters” that better represent your company. Do you have a “before” that we can help with?

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