Universal Appeals to Sell Your Product or Service, Part I | Marketing Tips


Take your company to higher sales success

When you are advertising or marketing your product or service, there are certain universal appeals that people respond to.

They are (in no particular order):

  • Saving Money
  • Looking & Feeling Better
  • Staying Young
  • Being More Successful

In this two-part series we’ll explore how this knowledge can help you…

1. Help your Customers Save Money

Think about how you can save your customer or client money. Or how your product or service can. You might be able to do this directly and immediately by offering your product at a lower price than others, or by offering specials like a 2-for-1 discount. You might save them money in the long run because your product lasts longer than others in the market.

Think also about the additional ways your product or service can help them save money. A tax accountant may keep a business owner from overpaying on his or her taxes. Or that you’re conveniently located so they save on gas consumption.

2. Help your Customers Look and Feel Better

Because of your product or service, how can your customer look or feel better themselves? Also think about how you can help the things they own or surround themselves with look or feel better.

Items like anti-aging creams, massages, diet programs, makeup, and nutritional counseling and products help the body feel and look better. Additionally, things like stress reduction, ease of living, and more vacation time also help them look and feel better. Landscaping the yard, recovering the sofa, painting the walls, or detailing a car also fall into this category by making their personal spaces look and feel better, which in turn makes the people feel better.

Your homework

Brainstorm all the ways your product or service can help people or their surroundings look or feel better, and incorporate those benefits into your marketing.

Part II continued in our next post

In our next post on Universal Appeals, we’ll explore options for staying young and being more successful.

All the Buzz Can Help You

We at All the Buzz work with companies to help them define their universal appeal. We can help you develop the right message and deliver it to the right people. Contact us for a free consultation.

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