Great Headline Attention Grabbers | Business Writing Tips | All the Buzz


Did this headline grab your attention?

You may have 8 seconds or less to grab someone’s attention with your headline, so it has to be short, to the point, and offer a compelling benefit–all at the same time. You don’t have many words to mess around with.

Here are a few great headline attention grabbersthat can help you both seize attention and stimulate your prospect into reading more. Experiment to see how you can build a promotion, an offer, and a sale around them.

Pricing-Related Headline Words

  • Free
  • Sale
  • Save
  • Bargain
  • Half Off

Do-It-Now Headline Words

  • Quick
  • Last Chance
  • Only 10 Left
  • Be the First to…
  • For the First Fifteen…

Results-Oriented Headline Words

  • Results
  • How To
  • Proven
  • Why
  • Easy
  • Simple
  • Guarantee

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