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Personalized Sales Training On Sale In February


Turn your “no sale” into a “deal” with this deal.

“Is your sales presentation killing your sale?”  This is the title of one of our most popular offerings and for the month of February 2014, it’s on sale! For just $150. (More about the details later on.)

As Director of Marketing for local, national and international companies, I probably met at least once a day with salespeople who were trying to sell me their latest and greatest products. And most of their sales presentations were awful! I sure wanted to take them aside and say, “Listen…you should present your product this way, you’re killing your own sale!”

And now I can!  And do.  With great success.

Generally their marketing materials were okay. It was their own skills that lacked. Here are just some of the bad sales skills I saw that can actually lose you a sale…even if I want and need your product!

  • They didn’t make eye contact
  • They didn’t connect
  • They didn’t ask questions
  • They didn’t talk about the benefits and results of their products or service
  • Their pitch was obviously canned
  • They didn’t attempt to close the sale

More about the All the Buzz Solution to get you more sales

We’ve worked with salespeople and business owners to help them hone their selling skills by offering a one-on-one mock presentation with an ACTUAL MARKETING DIRECTOR. You make your presentation, and we’ll critique it and give you dozens of helpful suggestions that will help you close the sale.

Among the many skills you’ll leave with, you’ll learn:

  • How to establish rapport
  • How to read and use body language to your advantage
  • How to recognize closing signals and move to the deal
  • How to get the client to talk themselves into the sale
  • How to position yourself as the best choice in the market
  • How best to use your sales and marketing materials
  • How to use your own personal skills to your advantage
  • How to leave with a commitment in your pocket

Expert one-on-one sales training on sale in February for just $150.

Normally we charge $199 for this two-hour Is Your Sales Presentation Killing Your Sale one-on-one review. But for the month of February we’re offering it at just $150.

You’ll make that much back–and more–in your first successful sale!

Book your appointment now

Be sure to book your appointment early, we have only limited spaces available. Contact LindaB (at)

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