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Writing will boost your
website traffic

There is no one end-all solution to getting more traffic to your website. Rather, it is a series of little things that you do regularly that greatly increase your awareness, readership, and subscriptions.  Here are some basic tips to how you can accelerate your business traffic and website rankings.

Five Writing Strategies to Improve Your Website Traffic

1. Create consistent and current content

Post more often to get higher results, up to 5x a week. This is most easily done through blogging, but page content can also be a great way to keep your content fresh.

2. Send out press releases

Highlight news about your business or industry and send it to the media, your lists, and other outlets. You never know when you’ll get picked up for a media mention or even a feature story.

3. Use FaceBook

Write regular posts to your FaceBook account, with links back to your website. Or respond to other peoples’ posts with your own input, with links back to your relevant article, post, or website. Point readers toward your RSS feed to enable them to become subscribers.

4. Use Twitter

Tweet inspiring articles, interesting viewpoints, or quick tips about your industry to form relationships with your readers. Respond to other peoples’ tweets, with links to relevant material.

5. Write and post articles

There are many article directories (like EzineArticles.com) on which you can post articles that both establish you as an industry expert, and garner loyal readers. Be sure to link back to your website, and invite readers to join your newsletter or RSS feed.

If you’re not a great writer, don’t worry. It’s more about content and building relationships than your writing ability. If you do want professional writing help, feel free to contact All the Buzz. We’re experts at writing for business and have a great blog-writing package available.

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