This Snowstorm Can Help Your Marketing


Stop what you’re doing and use the snow to your marketing advantage!

When something big takes over the news, like with this East Coast snowstorm, it gives you a wonderful opportunity to sell!  Use references to the blizzard, snow, cold, ice, or invoke images of sitting by the fireplace, wrapping up in snow gear, or drinking hot chocolate. Liven up your script with action words like sledding, skating, skiing, snowmobiling, plowing, or shoveling. Events have a short shelf live, so the quicker you jump on this opportunity, the more notice you’ll receive.

Where can you use these references? Lots of places. Use them for your:

  • Newsletter
  • Blog posts
  • Emails, email blasts
  • Social media
  • Pictures and images
  • Website
  • Video, audio or podcast

Just think of all the ways you can use puns to market your product or service! Here are just a few examples:

  • White sale; anything white can be on sale
  • “Frozen” toys and accessories; promote the Disney branded items
  • Slide into this deal; sell sliders
  • Warm up to savings
  • Let us light your fire; light a fire under
  • Buried under inventory
  • Here’s a n”ice” deal
  • Break the ice; good for introductions
  • Plow your way through our store; inventory clearout
  • Skiing tips that also work for business
  • Slip a little savings your way
  • This isn’t a snow job; it’s “snow” good; snowed under

Got some new ideas? Great. Now hurry before they melt away.

Ski you later!

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  1. Great tips!


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