Five Ways to Spice Up Your Blog Posts

blog-graphicA portion of the writing work we do here at All the Buzz is blog writing. It’s fun to delve into our clients’ businesses and uncover inside stories, industry news, and personal accounts that can be used as blog posts.

If you, however, are writing your own blog, marketing and publicity author Marcia Yudkin offers these five quick ways to spice up your web content.

  1. Upcoming Attractions

    Use your blog to announce or launch new products, and give dates of trade shows you’ll be attending or speeches you’ll deliver.

  2. Interviews

    Interview your charity partners, vendors, industry leaders, or best clients. Take it a step further and create a multi-post entry or a podcast series.

  3. Weird News Stories

    Post insider stories about your product or its production, offbeat uses for it, or interesting news stories relating to your industry.

  4. Polls

    Take a local, regional or nationwide poll and post the results. If your industry offers statistics, post their polls and survey results.

  5. Charts

    Graphic elements help tell the story in a visual way and capture people’s attention before they read the copy. Illustrate your story or use the graphic with a caption as a stand-alone post.

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