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Does Your Marketing Copy Tell Your Story?

what's-your-storyAre you using plain, nondescriptive words on your website and marketing materials? Words that everyone else is using? If so, you might be falling into the copy dead zone.

I learned a technique as a magazine writer. As an exercise, we wrote a sentence or paragraph using ordinary words, as in this example:

Five Ways to Spice Up Your Blog Posts

blog-graphicA portion of the writing work we do here at All the Buzz is blog writing. It’s fun to delve into our clients’ businesses and uncover inside stories, industry news, and personal accounts that can be used as blog posts.

If you, however, are writing your own blog, marketing and publicity author Marcia Yudkin offers these five quick ways to spice up your web content.

  1. Upcoming Attractions

    Use your blog to announce or launch new products, and give dates of trade shows you’ll be attending or speeches you’ll deliver.

  2. Interviews

    Interview your charity partners, vendors, industry leaders, or best clients. Take it a step further and create a multi-post entry or a podcast series. Continue reading →

How to Develop Blog Ideas through Microtopics

Are you running out of things to blog about? You’re not alone. Most people try to blog about too much in their posts. They want to cover every aspect of a subject at one time.

We suggest trying this new approach: Blog Microtopics

It’s much easier to come up with ideas to post about–and to generate great SEO results–when you take your general topics and funnel them down to specifics.

Blog Microtopic example:

Let’s look at an example of a blog microtopic and how to develop a list of them:

Step 1:

Let’s say your company sells pet products.  First, list all the different types of pet products you sell. They can include food, bedding, health care, clothing, and accessories. Continue reading →