An Insider’s Tip to Getting Your Story into the News


She should be reading YOUR story.

I, like other writers, am always looking for good stories. When we writers find something we think is interesting, it is likely that others will find it interesting as well, so we pitch the story idea to magazines, newspapers, online media, etc. If the publication also believes their readership will benefit from the story, they will contract with us to write it.

But how does a story get from your company into the media?
Several ways.

Writers encounter the story ourselves

In my everyday travels I can see, hear or experience something that catches my eye or ear. I look into the subject, perhaps asking questions or doing some research on the topic. If it looks like the story will be good, I’ll pitch it myself and contact the source for an interview once it’s sold.

You send information to the writer

Knowing that I am a published writer (more than 1,200 published pieces) with in-house media experience and contacts, business owners sometimes pitch me with a story idea. They write an email or call me with their idea, or send a press release with the intriguing angle and supporting information. Read the publication where you desire your article to be placed and note the name of a writer you like. Very often, the writer’s contact information is available in what we call a “bio box” at the end of the article. Contact that writer directly and tell him or her why your story is important, and why it would fit into your chosen publication, then let them do the pitch to the editor.

You send information to the publication

Business owners can also directly contact a publication with their story, by email, phone or press release. Many stories are found this way. If there was a drawback to this approach, however, it is that generally the business owner does not have the same sort of “in” as the writer does. A publication may receive hundreds (or more) of press releases each day and you have a small chance of being noticed.

A writer, on the other hand, has the ear of the editor, who trusts their opinion on story pitches. The writer knows the publication, the editor knows the writer will do a good job on delivering the story, and the chances are high that the story idea will be considered.

Here is one of my latest stories: Wakefield School.

If you have questions about working with a writer, or have a fantastic story idea you’d like to see published, please feel free to contact All the Buzz.





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