Hurry! Limited Space Remains for Blog Writing Clients

blogging-works-statisticsIf you want to hire a Clio award-winning writer to write your blog posts, you’d better hurry because we are filling up our schedule quickly.

Although we’d love to work with everyone, in reality, there are only so many clients we can work with at one time if we want to continue to provide our high level of service. And those clients who work with us stay with us for years. It’s rare that we have openings!

Here are some of the reasons our blog writing clients love us and why you will too:

Editorial calendar generation

Our clients love the fact that we help them develop an interesting and encompassing editorial calendar. There is no end to the ideas we generate for their blogs. (Look for our book coming soon highlighting 151 topic generators!)

Clean, professional copy & enhanced SEO

They also love the fact that we write and deliver clean posts chock full of keywords and links. Their posts are professionally written, free of spelling and grammatical errors, and speak directly to your audience. Professional writing and relevant topics also elevate your business’ value in the eyes of your clients and potential customers, not to mention raise your search rankings through search engine optimization (SEO).

We do the work of posting for you

As an additional service, All the Buzz can also enter your blog post directly onto your website’s blog, saving you the time of posting it. Clients who claimed that creating a blog post took them hours — with the time spent on idea generation, writing, formatting and finding images — now spend only a couple of minutes reviewing the copy and hitting the “Publish” button.

But wait…there’s more

In addition to blog writing, don’t forget that All the Buzz offers professional copywriting for anything a business uses that contains words: website copy, white papers, brochures, manuals, social media profiles…you name it, we can write it. (See a list of Types of Work here).

If you don’t have a blog already, or have neglected it, contact All the Buzz today and let’s get started. There are people waiting to learn what you have to offer.

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