Does Your Marketing Copy Tell Your Story?

what's-your-storyAre you using plain, nondescriptive words on your website and marketing materials? Words that everyone else is using? If so, you might be falling into the copy dead zone.

I learned a technique as a magazine writer. As an exercise, we wrote a sentence or paragraph using ordinary words, as in this example:

  • John went to the store to buy bananas.

Then we had to replace the ordinary words and phrases with more descriptive ones, as in this example:

  • John lumbered into the small neighborhood grocery on his quest for the most perfectly ripe bananas to please his perfectionist mother.

The first sentence merely says what he does, the second sentence tells a whole story.

By simply expanding your vocabulary you can wake up your copy, make it inviting and exciting, and attract customers. After all, we don’t buy the product itself, we actually buy if for what it does for us or how it makes us feel.

Does Your Copy Just Say What You Do, or Does it Tell a Story?

How can you use an expanded vocabulary to better describe your business in a way that tells your story? Pepper in descriptive words throughout your copy. (Check for a plethora of choices.)
Here are some ideas:

You say: We advise clients:
Instead, use: coach, mentor, teach, train, educate, instruct, counsel, direct, groom, refresh, prime, ground, enlighten, etc.

  • Our mentoring program helps to educate clients, enlightening them to new ways of thinking that will create a solid ground for their ongoing success.

You say: We sell plumbing fixtures:
Instead, use: arrange, bring in, produce, promise, agree, advise, demonstrate, satisfy, brighten, accomplish, enhance, generate, provide, flatter, influence, impress, etc.

  • Let us arrange a demonstration of the latest fashions in plumbing fixtures that will flatter and enhance any decor. We promise your satisfaction.

Try It Yourself

As your own exercise, write down what you do in simple words. Then using our writer’s technique, see if you can find better, more descriptive words to tell your story.

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