Startling Statistics About Social Media for Business

As social media continues to grow, some of the things we thought we knew about it have changed. Here are some of the latest statistics for 2018.


• 95% of adults aged 18-34 online are likely to follow a brand via social networking.
• 71% with a good experience with a brand will recommend it to others.
• Visual content gets 40% more views than other types of content.


• 50 million small businesses use Facebook Pages to connect with customers. Four million of these pay for Facebook advertising.
• 68% of marketers have posted video content on Facebook.
• The best time to post is 3PM on Wednesdays, 12-1PM on weekends, and 1-4PM on Thursdays and Fridays.


• There are 1.5 billion monthly active users.
• More than 50% of views come from mobile devices.
• The average mobile viewing session is 40 minutes.


• There are 133 million in the US, with 40 million being students and recent college graduates.
• 40% of members use LinkedIn daily.
• 41% of millionaires used LinkedIn.
• The average user spends 17 minutes here.


• Fewer than 25% of Twitter users have active accounts.
• 92% of users click links.
• 78% of those who post a brand complaint expect a response within an hour.


• Follower engagement rate is 58X higher than on Facebook and 120X higher than on Twitter.
• 90% of users are younger than 35.
• Media brands are the most active. Businesses are not highly represented here.


• 71% of users are under 34 years old.
• 70% of users are female.
• Average use time is 40 minutes a day.

–Excerpted from 21 Social Media Marketing Statistics You Need to Know in 2018 by Liis Hainla; LinkedIn by the Numbers: Stats, Demographics & Fun Facts by Salman Aslam; Snapchat by the Numbers: Stats, Demographics & Fun Facts

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