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Top 10 Consumer Trends for 2020

Man working from home with babyWhen marketing your business, it makes sense to pay attention to what your consumers are concerned with. One way to learn their issues is to look at the top consumer trends. Then review what’s going on in your target market and put some thought into how you can add features to your product or service line, or modify your products and services to meet these needs. Here are 10 consumer trends for 2020, excerpted from an article in Forbes.

1. Family and Home Productivity

Since the majority of households have both parents working, parents need new software tools and services to help manage their lives at home as well as at work. 2020 also brings the trends of teleworking, home offices and home study spaces for school-aged children.

2. Next-Generation Meat

The growth of companies like Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat indicate that consumers are cutting back on animal protein and looking towards plant-based alternatives. What is the next-generation trend in your industry? Continue reading →