Universal Appeals to Sell Your Product or Service, Part II | Marketing Tips


Take your company to higher sales success

In our first post (Part I) on this topic, we discussed how the universal appeals of Saving Money and Looking and Feeling Better can help you increase your sales.  We continue this series with the remaining topics:

  • Staying Young
  • Being More Successful

3. Help your Customers Stay Young

There are obvious choices like gym memberships, diet clinics and plastic surgeries that help people keep their bodies young-looking and young-feeling. But don’t forget that the state of mind someone is in can also cause them to feel young–or old–which also reflects in their physical appearance.

Think of ways your product or service can help your clients think and act young. You can help create free time so your client can: have more vacation time, play a round of golf, or frolic with the kids–activities that keep them young in body and soul. You can stimulate mind-growth and brain power with thought-provoking products such as ongoing education. Or you can provide challenges both physical and mental that keep them active and feeling more alive.

4. Help your Customers Be More Successful

Nothing sells like the opportunity to make more money. But that’s not all there is to being successful. What is your definition of success, and what is your client’s? They may differ, and you must know the difference.

Success can mean more monetary income, but it can also mean expertise or notoriety. It can mean creating systems for your clients that work more efficiently, building lists or bodies of work, or reaching goals they have set for themselves. Help your customers set goals and then help them reach them. Help them purchase all the tools they need in a packaged set, help them achieve a level of expertise, help them to be better parents, or help them create a dynamic offer that over-reaches their sales goals.

Your homework

Make a list of all the ways your product or service can help others reach each of these four goals and incorporate them into your marketing message, and you yourself will be more successful.

All the Buzz Can Help You

We at All the Buzz work with companies to help them define their universal appeal. We can help you develop the right message and deliver it to the right people. Contact us for a free consultation.

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