2014: Four Marketing Trends You Can’t Afford to Ignore | Marketing Tips | All the Buzz


Want to know what’s hot for 2014?  Read on…

1. Mobile Marketing

Large sites such as Buzzfeed and Facebook report that 50% of their traffic now comes from mobile users via their smartphones. Be sure to include mobile marketing, and make sure your blogs and landing pages are mobile responsive.

2. Diversity

Last year it was all about Facebook advertising, and people spent time building their Facebook “likes” to the exclusion of everything else. Guess what. Facebook may go away, and then so do all of your leads. In 2014 be sure to diversify your avenues of lead generation.

3. Video Marketing

Videos have been growing in popularity, but now there’s a new auto-play feature on Facebook that automatically starts playing videos in the user’s feed without them pressing “play.” Spend time making good-quality videos that highlight your business well.


This is a new buzzword for 2014, and it’s all about turning your user experience with your business into a game. Companies are creating complicated games as part of their marketing to create long-term interest in a product. (Example: The 2013 Wrigley’s 5 gum competition to promote the movie “Wolverine.”)

–Synopsized from an article by Leela Cosgrove. See entire story here.

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