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Create a
content editorial calendar

If you’re like many business owners, you know you must present new content on your website/blog on a regular basis, but you’re not sure just what to write about.

Creating a content editorial calendar helps you define and schedule posts easily, and keeps your topics top of mind so that when you find information about your topics, you can enter them into a file for future articles.

Here are six simple steps to creating your own…

6 Steps to Creating a
Content Editorial Calendar

Step one: choose a publication date.

Have your post(s) go live at the same time each week, so your readers come to expect hearing from–and about–you.

Step two: define your audiences.

You most likely have a variety of market segments, and need to address each of them with posts that appeal to their particular needs and likes.  Who is buying your product, and who do you want to buy your product or service?

Step three: define your topics.

What do these previously-defined customers need?  Create topics that help them in their lives or businesses. Don’t talk about yourself, rather, provide helpful information, interesting industry topics, and items of special interest to them. Create a topic list for each of your audiences.

Step four: microdefine your topics.

Now that you have your topics, think about how you can break each of them down into microtopics, which will make excellent blog entries. For example, if you are selling tennis rackets, your broad topic might be on maintenance of tennis rackets. Great microtopics can include: restringing and grips. You can take these microtopics even further by breaking them into: when to restring or how to wrap a new grip.

Step five: create a series.

If you have a wide topic, how can you break that topic into a small series, to make it more manageable and easy to understand?

Step six: plug these microtopics into your schedule.

An Excel spreadsheet is a wonderful tool to lay out your content editorial calendar.

All that’s left now is to write your blog posts and schedule them for automatic posting on your assigned dates.


If you have created a series, combine those posts into a White Paper or Special Report and offer it on your website.

All the Buzz can help you create

brilliant editorial content

All the Buzz helps businesses create content editorial calendars. We also provide blog writing services that will deliver each month’s blogs to you in one easy package. Feel free to contact us.

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  1. Hello 🙂

    I enjoyed this post a lot. I think it is a great tool for writers as well 🙂 I shared it with my boss and we shared it on our site in our section Feature Friday. It is something on our site we do that is dedicated to sharing awesome posts like this we enjoyed and think will help others in the community.

    Here is the link:

    Thank you for writing this piece!
    All the best.


    1. Hi Ky, I’m glad you liked the post, and feel free to share it. We’re all about helping others!


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