Use “I Can” to Enhance Your Client Relationships | All the Buzz | Sales & Marketing Tips

Yes-I-CanWhen speaking with your clients, let them know what you CAN do, not what you can’t do.This positive attitude can make all the difference in a positive outcome.

In The Freelancer’s Bible, Sara Horowitz compares the “I can’t” statement to the “I can” statement. Here are a few examples:

  • Rather than saying “I can’t do a call until 3pm,” say, “I’m here from 3pm until 5pm. When would be a good time for you?”
  • Rather than saying “I can’t start for 3 months,” say, “I’d love to work with you, if we can start in June.”
  • Rather than saying “I can’t start until I receive the initial payment,” say, “I look forward to starting work after receipt of the initial payment.”

Other ways to use I CAN include:

  • Rather than saying, “I can’t answer that,” say,”I’m not sure, but I can find out that answer for you.”
  • Rather than saying, “I can’t give you that deal, my hands are tied,” say, “I’m pretty sure (or I’m certain) I can make this deal happen, just let me make a phone call to confirm it with my boss.”
  • Rather than saying, “I can’t help it, it’s always been done this way,” say, “I’m sure we can look at alternatives to see if we can make it work.”

Think of how many ways you can say “I Can” in your everyday life, and then do it. I know you can. And when you do, your attitude, and your chances for success, will skyrocket!



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