How to Develop Blog Ideas through Microtopics

Are you running out of things to blog about? You’re not alone. Most people try to blog about too much in their posts. They want to cover every aspect of a subject at one time.

We suggest trying this new approach: Blog Microtopics

It’s much easier to come up with ideas to post about–and to generate great SEO results–when you take your general topics and funnel them down to specifics.

Blog Microtopic example:

Let’s look at an example of a blog microtopic and how to develop a list of them:

Step 1:

Let’s say your company sells pet products.  First, list all the different types of pet products you sell. They can include food, bedding, health care, clothing, and accessories.

Step 2:

Then take one of these categories, like bedding, and divide it into the different types of bedding. They can include dog beds, cat beds, shredded bedding materials, nests, and exotic animal bedding.

Step 3:

Take one of these types of bedding and divide it into the different types. Cat beds could include padded, tufted, raised, lined, waterproof, indoor or outdoor, multiple cats, decorative, themed or various colors.

Are you getting the idea?

Step 4:

Divide one of these categories into smaller sections. Decorative cat beds could include fairy princess beds, king beds, beds with frames, colorful beds, wooden beds, plastic beds, etc.

Step 5:

Once you have narrowed a category down to its smallest component, then write about it, and list the microtopic, such as “Fairytale Princess Cat Beds,” in your blog headline and keywords, along with a compelling reason to read this post.

(Bonus tip: if it’s a visual product, show a picture!)

As you can see, there are plenty of items to blog about for any business product or service if you take the time to drill down to the specifics.

For blog writing tips or if you need help writing your blog, contact All the Buzz. We’d be glad to help.

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