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Which marketing channels provide businesses the best ROI?

Many business owners struggle with the question of where to put their marketing efforts.  One day they hear content marketing is the best; the next day it’s social media platforms. What’s an owner to do?

In 2014, Econsultancy did a survey to ask business owners just where they got their best return on their time and money investments for marketing. We’ll talk about their findings here.

The List is Still King

You’ve heard it before–your list is king. Email marketing to targeted individuals is still the best way to get results. In this survey, 22% of business owners thought email marketing was an “excellent” return on investment (ROI) and 46% thought it was “good.” Most likely the people on your list are previous customers, those who expressed interest in your product or service, or people you know. So they are prime targets to market to. They already know you, and most likely already like you or what you do.

Take time to capture email addresses from your customers, prospects and those interested in what your business can do for them to form your highly-targeted list, and create email marketing vehicles to reach out to them on a regular basis.  This can mean an email or newsletter delivery, offers and specials, or announcements. With a great subject line and compelling content, you can use your email marketing to convert people into customers or entice them to visit your website.

Have You Optimized Your Website for Organize Searches and SEO?

Today, search engines look into content for ranking websites on individual searches. They look for specific keywords in your copy, but they also look behind the copy at your coding for additional keywords. It is important that your site be optimized correctly or you simply won’t show up when someone is searching for your product or service. According to this survey, 20% of business owners found that having their website optimized was an “excellent” ROI, and 47% thought it was “good.”

Is your Website Copy or Content Marketing Grabbing Attention?

As the survey points out, 16% of business owners report that content marketing gives an “excellent” return on investment while a whopping 47% report a “good” ROI. If you haven’t updated your web copy lately, or had a professional experienced in writing for SEO create it for you, you’re most likely not getting the online traffic you should be. Don’t be fooled though–lots of people say they are writers, but not many are schooled in just what your website needs in its content to attract the search engines AND convert prospects into buyers with a compelling call to action. No doubt about it, it’s tricky, but worth the time to upgrade your web copy. An outside eye (like ours) can easily spot just what is needed to immediately improve your organic rankings.

We thought this was an interesting infographic that shows the latest results on where businesspeople are spending their time and money for the greatest return on investment. For the most part, it’s in the words you use: for your email campaigns and newsletter, web copy, and SEO coding.

At All the Buzz, we’re specialists in words. And SEO. We’d be glad to take a look at your website to see how you stand. Contact us when you’re ready to make a different in your search engine traffic.

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