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Preferred Customer Communication Channels, MarketingSherpa

Business owners may say that they aren’t using direct mail any more, but statistics show that customers want to receive it. Direct mail isn’t dead after all. Following email as the first choice in receiving business communications, direct mail showed a very strong presence.

Customer Communication Preferences
Survey Results

In a recent study released by MarketingSherpa, 2,057 adults were asked how they would prefer companies to communicate with them. Their top two responses were:

  • Email – 72%
  • Postal Mail – 48%

This was followed by:

  • Television ads – 34%
  • Print media – 31%

Only 11% of people preferred mobile apps, and just 7% preferred online video ads.

Communication Preferences by Demographics

Besides email, different demographic groups reported different results in preferred business-to-consumer communications.

Ages 55+

  • 64% – preferred postal mail
  • 41% – preferred print media

Ages 18-54

  • 38% – preferred postal mail
  • 24% – preferred print media

Gender Preferences

Males ages 35-44 were the overwhelming fans of email as their favorite communication channel, with 87% preferring it.

The only age group that differed in their preferred communication method, preferring postal mail over email was females 65 or older.

  • 65% preferred postal mail
  • 64% preferred email

Keeping in touch with customers is essential, so why not reach them in the methods they prefer? At All the Buzz, we thought this graphic would help you define your communications plan.

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