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5 Quick Writing Tips to Improve Your Website Traffic | Writing Tips | All the Buzz


Writing will boost your
website traffic

There is no one end-all solution to getting more traffic to your website. Rather, it is a series of little things that you do regularly that greatly increase your awareness, readership, and subscriptions.  Here are some basic tips to how you can accelerate your business traffic and website rankings.

Five Writing Strategies to Improve Your Website Traffic

1. Create consistent and current content

Post more often to get higher results, up to 5x a week. This is most easily done through blogging, but page content can also be a great way to keep your content fresh.
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All the Buzz Creates Web Site Copy for Furlong Construction Company | Website Writing


Furlong Construction Company

Furlong Construction Company came to All the Buzz with a website that was already designed, but missing copy.  The site had the bare minimum of copy, with as little as one line per page, and did not contain relevant and valuable keywords.  They needed a professional website writer.

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