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Clarity in Business Writing | Writing Quotes


“Clarity in business writing is not a luxury.”

Sir Richard Branson, Founder, Virgin Group

Write Well to Stand Out From the Crowd | Writing Quotes


“By writing well, you can stand out from the crowd.
There is too much poor writing in the business world.”

Dr. Andrew Sentance, Sr. Economic Adviser, Pricewaterhousecoopers LLP
author of Rediscovering Growth: After the Crisis

10 Ways to Optimize Your Blog Posts for Search Engines | All the Buzz | Business Writing


Watch your Google Rankings Rise

You have a blog on your site, and you know you have to post regularly to boost your SEO, or search engine optimization. But do you know just how to write a blog post that will increase your search engine ranking?

For the best results in search engine optimization, the blog post must have some essential elements.

1. Use Keywords for SEO

Search engines look for keywords. That’s why it’s most important to include them in every blog post. Look back at your keywords list to ensure that you are using keywords in every post. Especially use them in the title, body (make sure there’s at least one in the first paragraph and the last paragraph), headings and subheadings, title tags and meta descriptions, and anchor text (text you hyperlink to other related pages on your site).

2. Write Compelling Blog Headlines

Think about what is going to grab someone’s attention so that they’ll read your post. Make a promise in the headline and then fulfill it in the body copy, entice the reader with a catchy headline, or tell them how to solve a problem they have…or don’t know they have. Use a keyword in the headline. Continue reading →

5 Quick Writing Tips to Improve Your Website Traffic | Writing Tips | All the Buzz


Writing will boost your
website traffic

There is no one end-all solution to getting more traffic to your website. Rather, it is a series of little things that you do regularly that greatly increase your awareness, readership, and subscriptions.  Here are some basic tips to how you can accelerate your business traffic and website rankings.

Five Writing Strategies to Improve Your Website Traffic

1. Create consistent and current content

Post more often to get higher results, up to 5x a week. This is most easily done through blogging, but page content can also be a great way to keep your content fresh.
Continue reading →

Monarch Title Home Buyers Guide Video | All the Buzz


All the Buzz creates Monarch Title Home Buyers Guide Video

Monarch Title was looking for a way to differentiate itself, while demonstrating its knowledge and ease of communication.They wanted to position themselves as a helpful resource.

One tactic was the development of a Home Buyers Guide video that takes the home buyer step by step through the process of buying a home. These are distributed by Monarch Title and given to Realtors to help their own clients understand the processes of buying a home.

All the Buzz Creates Home Buyers Guide Script

All the Buzz broke the process down into fourteen steps, and created a script that outlined the steps, processes, resources and pitfalls that any homebuyer would need to know. The video also outlines the roles each person involved in the transaction plays, and the order in which the homebuyer will need to engage them.

Buying a home is not an easy process, but with the Monarch Title Home Buyers Guide, it can be made a little bit simpler.