Is Your Writer a True Business Writer? | Writing Tips


Don’t tie your message around a rock

Lots of people think they can write. And maybe they can. But do they know the myriad of differences between just writing and business writing? Or the differences between the different types of business writing?

It’s one thing to write a short story or even a novel. It’s quite another to create compelling ad copy that elicits action, web copy that boosts search engine optimization (SEO) rankings, and brochures that explain your product or service so well that they can convince your prospect to purchase on the spot. There are important differences that professional business copywriters know that “just anyone” who claims they can write do not.

“I tried using a writer”

We, at All the Buzz, hear all the time, “I tried using a writer, but it just didn’t work out.” Why? They weren’t professionals. We also spend a lot of our time “cleaning up” writing others have done when clients come to us and ask us to “fix it.” As professional writers, we constantly study our craft, educating ourselves and updating our skills in order to better serve our clients.

Experts like Robert “Bob” Bly make thousands, and sometimes hundreds of thousands, of dollars by writing a single sales letter. Why? Because that sales letter gets results. It has the right message, the right format, the right appeal, the right trigger words, and the right goal for the target customer.

Sure, you can write it yourself

You may even think, “Writing isn’t that hard. I can probably do it myself.” Sure you can. You can also take out one of your own teeth with a rock. But would you want to? Or do you want a professional to do it for you in a quick and pain-free way.

Don’t use a rock; hire a professional

Go to the professional. Your communication with your clients is the NUMBER ONE way they know about you, think about you, and determine whether to buy from you. Your message is a reflection of your brand that you’ve oh-so-carefully built. Do you really want to wrap your message around that same rock and throw it at your customer?

Tips for Hiring a Business Writer

1. Ask if your writer has done business writing, and see if they have samples of their writing you can see.

2. Look at their writing with your gut.

  • Does it speak to you and want you to take action?
  • Does it completely explain their product or service so that you understand it?
  • Do you want to know more?
  • Do you think what they are selling can help you?

3. Look at the technical side of the writing to see if it contains all the essential elements of a good business copywriter.

  • Is there a clearly-defined benefit to you?
  • Is there a call to action?
  • Are there headings and subheads?
  • Are keywords used?
  • Is the business name mentioned throughout?
  • Is it clearly and concisely written?
  • Is it free from flowery language?
  • Does it contain the word “that” over and over again (yes, this is a test of an amateur writer).

All the Buzz prides itself on creating dynamic business writing that works. If you have writing needs, feel free to contact us.

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