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words-and-phrases-that-convert-graphicResearch is constantly being performed to determine how the human brain absorbs and responds to advertising messages.

Here are the Top 20 Most Influential Words, as offered by advertising guru David Ogilvy, that are great to use in headlines, bullet points, and subject lines to grab attention.

20 Most Influential Words for Converting Customers

  1. Suddenly
  2. Now
  3. Announcing
  4. Introducing
  5. Improvement
  6. Amazing
  7. Sensational
  8. Remarkable
  9. Revolutionary
  10. Startling
  11. Miracle
  12. Magic
  13. Offer
  14. Quick
  15. Easy
  16. Wanted
  17. Challenge
  18. Compare
  19. Bargain
  20. Hurry

–excerpted from Kevan Lee’s, The Big List of 189 Words That Convert: Write Copy That Gets Your Customer’s Attention Every Time, 2014

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