We’re now a Certified Tourism Ambassador

certifiedcertified--tourism-ambassador-logoAll the Buzz owner Linda Barrett is pleased to have completed the certification requirements to become a Certified Tourism Ambassador, or CTA, through the Journey Through Hallowed Ground Partnership.

Working as we do with tourism sites, wineries, lodging, restaurants and others in the hospitality business, obtaining this certification was a perfect fit for us. It helps us understand and interact with tourism-related business around the region. Plus, it gives us “insider access” so we can uncover interesting tidbits for our travel articles.

journey-through-hallowed-ground-all-the-buzzThe Journey Through Hallowed Ground region spans four states and 180-miles between Gettysburg, Pennsylvania and Monticello (near Charlottesville, Virginia), and is home to nine presidential homes, 18 state and national parks, 100s of Civil War battlefields, and more. The region essentially follows Route 15 north and south, in a swath 75 miles wide.

The CTA Program is a nationwide certification program that trains those in the tourism industry to create and provide quality customer service to visitors, including meeting and convention attendees, tourists and business travelers to enhance their experience and boost tourism throughout our region.

One response

  1. Congrats on the new certification! I’m sure that you will excel in this area – and it sounds like fun!


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