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Your Website is Sooooo Out of Date


It’s time for a website audit.

I can’t believe how many websites I see that are just plain awful.

  • Their copy is out of date.
  • They have only bulleted lists on each page.
  • They haven’t used keywords or internal links.
  • They have typos or bad grammar.
  • Their pages only have pictures, without even having captions.
  • They are even lacking copy altogether.
  • Worst of all, they have the dreaded “Under Construction” on their pages or their entire site.

Egads! Are people turning away from your site because they get a bad impression from it?

When’s the last time you changed or updated your copy?  One year?  Two years?  Ten years? Continue reading →

The Best Ways to Earn ROI on Marketing Efforts | All the Buzz | Marketing Tips


Which marketing channels provide businesses the best ROI?

Many business owners struggle with the question of where to put their marketing efforts.  One day they hear content marketing is the best; the next day it’s social media platforms. What’s an owner to do?

In 2014, Econsultancy did a survey to ask business owners just where they got their best return on their time and money investments for marketing. We’ll talk about their findings here. Continue reading →