“Drive” People to Their Destination Through Your Landing Page

image-of-landing-page-tips-graphicI came across a great infographic that shares the biggest landing page goofs business owners can make. It compares the experience of visiting your landing page (or home page) to that of a cross-country road trip.

You want to make the trip a smooth journey for your visitors, taking them from where they are now to their final destination. And you get to decide that destination.

Do you want them to sign up for your newsletter, click the “buy now” button during a special sale, or call you for a price quote or free consultation? Pick one and give them the directions that will lead them directly to the end of the line without confusion or roadblocks.

The 9 biggest landing page goofs:

1. A foggy destination

Readers need to understand what’s in it for them. To boost your conversions, explain how your product will transform your reader’s lives. They have to see where they’re going and what’s in store for them once they get there.

2. Unsuitable paths

Don’t send readers down confusing paths or dead ends. Determine who your buyer is and write a landing page for that one buyer persona only that leads them to their final destination.

3. A disarray of signposts

Too many choices or directions paralyze your visitors. Have one clear destination you want them to take–like buy now, sign up for our newsletter, download this special report, or register now for a limited-space webinar. Choose one end goal and lead your readers there.

4. Signs hidden behind trees or branches

Is the most important information on your journey hidden behind the brush? Keep the branches clear so that your visitors can read the road signs clearly. Use design cues to make important messages stand out.

5. Traffic jams

Packing too much information into your paragraphs or landing page slows people down. Break up long paragraphs into short one and eliminate unnecessary text.

6. Red traffic lights

Readers get stuck at red lights when you use jargon or complicated words. Write using language your buyers understand.

7. Potholes

Make sure the road is secure and without potholes that can make them distrust you. Untrustworthiness is a conversion killer, making readers turn around and leave. Boost your credibility with data, specific details and testimonials.

8. Distracting billboards

Alternative destinations tempt readers away from their original destination. Remove menus and irrelevant links to other web pages when you’re trying to convert on a landing page.

9. Farm traffic

Have you ever gotten stuck driving behind a flock of slow-moving sheep? The minutes seem like hours. Web pages that load slowly can also frustrate readers and make them anxious. Make sure your pages load quickly to hold readers’ attention.

When writing copy for your website page or landing pages, keep the journey and the destination in mind and you’ll increase your conversion rate exponentially. And if you get stuck, contact All the Buzz. We’ll send the tow truck.

–Excerpted from Copyblogger, 9 Landing Page Goofs that Make You Lose Business. See original infographic here.

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