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Is TV Teaching Us Bad Grammar?

farther-vs-further-imageAs a professional writer, I’m being driven nuts by the poor grammar used in the commercials I’m forced to see throughout the day. I also cringe at the lack of knowledge of the English language used by some of the major network broadcasters. I just want to write to them and say “No!”

Here are a couple of infractions I’ve noticed lately:

Farther vs. Further

The common rule, according to Dictionary.com, is that farther is used when discussing distances, while further is used for a figurative Continue reading →

Is Your Writer a True Business Writer? | Writing Tips


Don’t tie your message around a rock

Lots of people think they can write. And maybe they can. But do they know the myriad of differences between just writing and business writing? Or the differences between the different types of business writing?

It’s one thing to write a short story or even a novel. It’s quite another to create compelling ad copy that elicits action, web copy that boosts search engine optimization (SEO) rankings, and brochures that explain your product or service so well that they can convince your prospect to purchase on the spot. There are important differences that professional business copywriters know that “just anyone” who claims they can write do not. Continue reading →