What Does a Modern Web Writer Look Like?

My inbox today contained a great infographic titled The Perfect Anatomy of a Modern Web Writer.  It explains what we, as web writers, need in our arsenal as professional writers, as well as demonstrates what to look for when hiring a web writer. So I thought I’d share it.

The Perfect Anatomy of a Modern Web Writer

    1. image-of-modern-web-writer-infographicOutstanding Copywriting Ability.  Copywriting begins with knowing your customer’s hope and fears, her principles and problems…and then figuring out how to help her achieve her goals and ease her pains.
    2. Storytelling Skills.  Storytelling creates a narrative that spellbinds people. There’s no debate: the best web writers are also the best storytellers.

  1. Social Media Savvy.  A web writer should build a presence on social media and experiment with new social media networks.
  2. Above Average Work Ethic.  The real magic of a world-class web writer rests in his work ethic–his ability to kick down creativity’s door, plant his tush on the seat, and keep it there until the work is done.
  3. SEO Mastery.  A web writer should know how search engines work, why quality content is important, and the value of a strong headline.
  4. Research Aptitude.  The Internet is the research bootlegger’s dream come true because the data and tools are in the average person’s hands.
  5. Usability Awareness.  Web writers should follow good usability practices that involve white space, readability, subheads and paragraph and sentence length.
  6. (Caffeine Appreciation. I’ve left this one off because…essentially…I’ve quit caffeine! I find I’m much more creative and alert without it.)

–excerpted from The Perfect Anatomy of a Modern Web Writer, by Demian Farnworth

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